We will match any mail order price! So drop the catalog and come ride with us.

The woods are where we come from, and still our favorite place to play. Our philosophy is simple: If you do not try it in the woods, you will never know if it is right for you.

Mountain bikes are known for being off-road cycles. They incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. That is why Lancaster and surrounding areas are the perfect spot for you to try them out.

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Road bicycles are the perfect rides for traveling at speed on paved roads. Thanks to their light weight, gear combinations, narrow tires and bent handlebars, road bikes allow the rider position to be leaned forward and downward, reducing the forward vertical cross sectional area and the air resistance. Our big selection will allow you to find the perfect one for you!

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Motocross bikes are the most fun to ride and they are used for racing and stunt riding. They are among the most popular bikes in the world and they can be found anywhere: parks, race tracks, dirt roads and streets — you name it.  Green Mountain Cyclery is proud to offer Lancaster’s best selection of BMX bikes.

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Bikes are for everyone and anyone. E-bikes are very helpful to those who may have injuries or physical limitations that are holding them back from riding their bike how they want to. There are many different styles of E-bikes and we are able to provide you the right one. E-bikes are available in commuter, hybrid, mountain and even fat tire bikes. As of now, we are able to get E-bikes from two different companies. Our technicians can even do an E-bike conversion on your current bicycle or adult tricycle!

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Everybody knows that triathlons are challenging and long competitions. They require a lot of mental and physical preparation. However, having the best bike on the market increases significantly your results. So, the question is: what triathlon bike is the best for you?

Triathlon- or time trial-specific frames have thin tires like a road bike. Their design features are intended to minimize drag and increase speed. If you’re crazy enough to love triathlons, we’re crazy enough to provide you with everything you need.

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We all love our children but they are often led to have a very sedentary life made of video games, computers and phones. What is a better option than stopping by one of our two bike shops and look for the best bike for your kid? We have bikes for any age: toddlers, children, teenagers and adults!  

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Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Bushings, Griptape, Wax. We have it all, and many brands to choose from! Pick out your set up: we can assemble it for you or you can build it yourself.

We are also open to suggestions as to what you guys would like to see in stock! Some of the brands we carry and stock are listed below, however, we have access to almost every skate brand out there!

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We are proud to be one of the only Pro Scooter stores and service centers in the area. Are you a scooter fan? We have the best one for you! Currently, we are stocking Lucky, Fivestar, Chili, KOS, Fasten, Prodigy, Envy Scooters and parts, too. We have absolutely everything, from wheel bearings to complete scooters!

Do you want to customize your scooter? We can build your favorite one from the ground up!

Do you want to dial your scooter? We can do that, too!

Contact us for more details.

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The fastest-growing segment of cyclists is women. With the expansion of our facilities, we are now proud to announce the first only design department for ladies! From bikes to apparel, we are focusing all our energy on making your riding experiences the best it can be. From form to function, we want to get you out on your bike!

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Biking, boarding, roads, mountains and triathlons. Men, women, and kids. We have you covered from head to toe. No matter the season we can keep you on your bike. From the woods to the road we have what you need.

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We offer a wide variety of car racks. We are equipped to install professional hitch receivers on most vehicles, including trailer wiring! Plus, with the purchase of any roof rack, trunk rack or hitch rack, we offer free install on the rack. Most hitch receiver installs run between $200-300 including the hitch. We stock Thule racks and we also carry a big variety of Yakima, Kuat, Saris, and Sport Racks.

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We have what you need to keep going longer and stronger. We stock the best brands in the nutrition world. Do you want something that tastes delicious and keeps you fueled? Just ask us! We have tried it, and know what works the best and what does not leave a bad taste in your mouth!

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